Truly a gift to ME!

On my way to work at the fire department this morning, I needed to stop and get gas. As I was pumping the gas, I was thinking about Drake and how long this past year has seemed and I happened to see one of Drake's Kindness Cards on my passenger seat. I had been wondering about how hard today might be (the one year anniversary of Drake's death) and if I would even be able to bring myself to do something kind for anyone today. I thought about it for a moment, and then I looked around the other gas pumps and noticed a car pull up a few pumps away with an older couple inside. As the man got out of the car and walked around to the pump, I walked over, introduced myself, and told him (Ed) that I wanted to pay for his gas today. At first, he seemed shocked and even a little skeptical, but then I showed him Drake's Kindness Card and told him what the card meant. His wife (Susan) got out of the car to see what we were talking about and he showed her the card and told her that I wanted to buy their gas. She insisted that wasn't necessary and how sorry they were to hear about Drake, but I explained to them that it would mean a lot to me if they would allow me to do this. She finally agreed and I not only paid for their gas, I pumped it for them too! 

After I finished, I gave them a card and asked them to please do something kind for someone else today to honor Drake. They assured me that they would and they both gave me a hug. Susan squeezed my hand and with tears in her eyes told me how sorry she was and what a wonderful gesture it was for me to pay for their gas. I told her that she had it backward....The gratitude and appreciation that this beautiful couple showed to me was 100 times more of a gift to me than the purchasing their gas. Drakey, I hope you are smiling.