No Matter How Small, Any Act of Kindness Makes a Difference

I decided to go to the pool and bring a friend today. We had all of these water toys and pool tubes that we usually bring to use. Some of the kids at the pool didn't have anything to play with, so my family and I let them use our pool tubes and our toys. My friend had also brought money to the pool if she needed to pay for her lunch, but we did the right thing and decided to pay for both her lunch and a desert. When we were just sitting down and relaxing, we saw all of the kids, who had nothing to play with, have a smile on their faces. This proves that no matter how small or big, any act of kindness makes a difference to make the world a better place. Spread love, spread kindness.

Keeping Drake in our Thoughts

Your Story: Last night, Ty unpacked his bag from a weekend up in Greeley, and brought me some Drake Durkee Kindness Kits. He had received them from Melissa on Thursday, and promptly left for the weekend on a scheduled trip. My heart winced as I realized the significance of June 10, and the practical side of me started planning on what we could do to honor this day, as we only had a few hours left. 

Minutes later, our friend Logan was at our door, with homemade cookies, and Drake Durkee bracelets. The Murphy Family was much more well planned than us! We talked about Drake, what an exceptional kiddo he was, and how his family is doing so much good while keeping his legacy strong. 

Realizing that this day was soon to end, we decided to carry out a few small acts in Drake's honor that demonstrated kindness: I gave Don and backrub, and sent my mom a sweet text. Ty stopped being crabby with me over a tutoring appointment I had made for him. Don decided to embrace the long chore list I had set out for him the next day, instead of teasing me about it. And Breckie was a sweet boy to his me for the rest of the night. 

These are such small acts, and in a perfect world, we would carry on in this way all the time. For us, sometimes it just doesn't come naturally. We need a prompt to remember to follow the Golden Rule. I think that is one of the traits that made Drake so exceptional. He lived his life being kind and caring, without prompts. While it takes so many of us tens and tens of years to understand the power of treating each other kindly all the time, Drake instinctively knew and did this.

We think and speak of Drake so often, before learning about Kindness Day. But now, we have another way to remember and speak of him, in another beautiful way. Thank you Durkee Family for setting up Kindness Day.

(Thank you to The Guerra Family for their story)

Ice Cream Couple

My daughter and I offered to buy a couple their ice cream today. The couple was confused-- I tried to explain to them about Drake, but I couldn't because I began to cry trying to tell his story. Instead, I paid for their ice cream, allowed them to have their frequent buyer card punched and I handed them the sticker and card and asked them to perform an act of kindness today.

No Kill Shelter


Today in honor of Drake, I took a large bag of food and treats to a no kill cat shelter [Angels With Paws]. I believe that it is important to show compassion for animals and humans alike. We also do this at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I believe Drake would approve. Blessings to the entire Durkee Family.

(Thank you to Steve Faulkner for sharing this story)

Kindness Every Day

I have placed the Act of Kindness card in my car visor. Every day I see those piercing eyes and beautiful smile. Every day I and my Family reminded of Drake's Kindness, but it reminds us to stay cognizant of kindness to our fellow man every single day. 

My family has adopted the use of a "Care Bag" for the Homeless. We pulled together hats, gloves, scarves, toiletries, cracker, protein bars, gum, etc. to hand out to the homeless. We have included gift cards to McDonalds, and Subway. We try to hand them out when we see a homeless person at the store or driving around town. We have marked individual bags for men, women, and children. The look of appreciation and expressions of gratitude has been incredibly moving and rewarding.

Thank you Drake for reminding us that despite the current climate a small act of kindness can go a long way. Bless you and your Family.

Feeling the delight

As I began thinking about this day and putting something happy into it, I wondered how I Would be able to show a "random" act of kindness. As I made a call to take care of some business the office assistant was trying to sound happy but was just having a sad day....I knew what I would do! I took flowers to her office. She was totally surprised. She had lost two relatives recently. We love you Drake and the rest of the Durkee family.

Truly a gift to ME!

On my way to work at the fire department this morning, I needed to stop and get gas. As I was pumping the gas, I was thinking about Drake and how long this past year has seemed and I happened to see one of Drake's Kindness Cards on my passenger seat. I had been wondering about how hard today might be (the one year anniversary of Drake's death) and if I would even be able to bring myself to do something kind for anyone today. I thought about it for a moment, and then I looked around the other gas pumps and noticed a car pull up a few pumps away with an older couple inside. As the man got out of the car and walked around to the pump, I walked over, introduced myself, and told him (Ed) that I wanted to pay for his gas today. At first, he seemed shocked and even a little skeptical, but then I showed him Drake's Kindness Card and told him what the card meant. His wife (Susan) got out of the car to see what we were talking about and he showed her the card and told her that I wanted to buy their gas. She insisted that wasn't necessary and how sorry they were to hear about Drake, but I explained to them that it would mean a lot to me if they would allow me to do this. She finally agreed and I not only paid for their gas, I pumped it for them too! 

After I finished, I gave them a card and asked them to please do something kind for someone else today to honor Drake. They assured me that they would and they both gave me a hug. Susan squeezed my hand and with tears in her eyes told me how sorry she was and what a wonderful gesture it was for me to pay for their gas. I told her that she had it backward....The gratitude and appreciation that this beautiful couple showed to me was 100 times more of a gift to me than the purchasing their gas. Drakey, I hope you are smiling.

How to share Kindness...

Each kindness makes a difference, like a ripple in a pond. Have you recently witnessed someone being especially kind to another person? Maybe you saw someone share a smile or toy, visit someone who was lonely, make cookies for a teacher or coach, or do a chore without being asked.

Write about the details of the kind act on our "share your story" page so that we can watch how our kind acts, or the kind acts of others, make an impact on the world. Remember, to stay safe, we can use a pretend name or no name at all when we write about someone who made a difference with their kindness. Check back soon to see how your act of kindness has helped make a difference.Thank you for submitting an act of kindness today!